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Monday, December 25, 2006
catch with Christmas

Of course my Christmas isn't one sided. It's a miracle that I've spent Christmas with my family and with Miyazawa as well. Yukino and I made a promise to each other that we should keep the scenes on our date a secret. I'm sure Asaba will ask me tomorrow of what happened this morning. If I told him that it's a secret, he'd probably think of something dirty between me and Miyazawa. He's truly just a child. Ugh, I'm beat. I was able to eat outside twice this 25th. Sugoi. Merry Christmas everyone.

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Monday, November 20, 2006
somewhat expected guest

Sigh. That Asaba sure knows how to spoil a good evening. He's staying over in my house tonight. Arrgh! And I plan to call Yukino tonight as well! I bet he'll listen to our conversation. That's just rude. I really don't want anyone listening to any of my phone conversations. I get conscious. I guess I'll just talk to her tomorrow.

What's Asaba's problem? Well his acad works seem to be a problem -- granted. However, it's not something Asaba would take seriously. I reckon it might be something emotional. Soueba, one time he talked to me about family issues; maybe it's about his relationship with his father?

Dame, it's not good prying over someone's business.

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Monday, September 25, 2006
thinking too much

Okay, question. You thought you have a wonderful connection. You thought both of you were having a blast with each other's presence. You thought that he / she is having a great time and everything's a-okay. But after a while, he / she stops seeing / calling you.

Could it be that:
A.) He / She found someone more interesting?
B.) He / She found out that you thought you had a wonderful connection and it freaked him / her because for him / her, those moments weren't special -- that they were nothing?
C.) I'm showing too much interest and it's making her feel awkward?
D.) His / Her ex just got back with him and he / she goes with the current?
E.) He / She lost his / her interest to me?
F.) He / She is scared that things are going too fast? And that he / she's not ready to have a relationship?
G.) I'm a jerk?

We're not... we're not talking about my case... Whatever! Yeah, this is me talking! I'm thinking too much. Gasp! Maybe these are not the only options and I have to think some more! I don't see any spark anymore. I wonder if every relationship experience a dry season. Maybe... maybe not.

"Arima! Yukino wants to talk to you over the phone." Could this be the moment that I've never even anticipated for?

Inhale. Exhale. Swallow. "Moshimoshi?"

"Arima, ano... I'm so glad to hear your voice over the phone. I missed you."

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Friday, September 15, 2006
another lap

Is it going overboard to ask out your special someone to dinner? I guess she's really busy. It would be a shame to bother her. I think she's also thinking the same way that it would be a shame to turn down my invitation. I've missed a lot of action and I'm getting cold.

"A dinner?? Right! A dinner! Dinner at night! Got it! I'm... I'm..."

"It's just dinner. If you already have other plans tomorrow night, it's okay."

"No- no! I want to!" then she covered the speaker but I think I heard her shriek.

"Okay then. I'll drop by your house, how about 8pm?"

"Okay! I'll wait for you tomorrow night then." then she hung up the phone.

I hope I'll be able to catch up with things tomorrow night. I don't want to think of other priorities right now. I have to polish the dinner plans. Besides, I finished my weekend homework already. Everything should go right. Now what will I wear?

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Saturday, August 12, 2006
waking up on the wrong side

High school academics, student council, sports, kendo, blah blah blah and the transition was difficult enough in itself, so with this extra burden I began struggles with frequent visits of nothingness. However, I believe the most difficult thing in life is to hate something and love hating it.

It seems that I can't please myself these days. I don't know why this is all happening to me. I don't remember doing something low or whatever. It's just that one morning, after getting off my bed, my mood just slumped. Am I suffering from emotional stress?

"Do I have emotional sickness?"

When I see Yukino, it's feeling all the same. I feel terrible, because I think I'm getting her affected as well. Just a smile, I show her. Everyday, I feel the same low feeling and the constant sensation is building the mystery.

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Saturday, July 29, 2006
looking to be discharge

"You really want to apply one?"

"Yeah, dad. That if it's allright with you and Mom."

"Hmm... Well, if that's what you want. But, we'll think about it."

I talked to my dad yesterday, and, as surprised as the unexpected, he paused and looked at me. He gave me a grin afterwards. I told him that I'm willing and, most likely, wanting to apply for a part- time while studying. I want to help my parents out. Frankly, It's the bottom line why I want to get out from being a reserved soldier of labor.

He told me that they will talk about it. I doubt that they'll allow me. However, I'm really looking forward to working. Not only will it help my family and myself, it'll also give me a sense of direction, if not, it'll give me experience that'll help me for the future.

It is rather out of the blue, my proposal.

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Friday, July 14, 2006
the rain that never stopped

Rain is pouring hard these days -- especially today. Classes have been suspended due to the typhoon. Sounds fun, right? But, to people who are in love, it's a day to be separated with one's special someone. It doesn't sound exciting anymore.

Well, there's the telephone, but I hardly understand Yukino with all the cats and dogs falling from the sky. There's the SMS, but I wanted to talk to her and see her personally, rather than relying on beeps and tones. It's different when one's special someone in front of view.

I need to learn how to deal with these matters. It's like I've been addicted and I want more. It's an itch that won't stop. It's a picture worth looking over and over.

I'm always excited to see Yukino again after class. I'm always thinking about her in while I lay in bed, wondering what will happen to us at school, wondering what she might tell me, wondering what memories will she share, wondering if tomorrow would be the day of all days. That's why I'm quite disappointed. I wasn't able to figure out these questions today.

"I wonder if she feels the same way?"

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While Yukino is motivated by vanity, she learns that Arima is trying to cover his real self, a self that he fears may be ugly. While Arima comes from a distinguished family of doctors, he was abandoned by his parents, who were the family's disgrace, and raised by his uncle and aunt. Fearing that he may turn "bad" like his parents, he is always trying to hide behind a mask and is constantly fighting his own demons. As with Yukino, he feels more in touch with his true self as he falls in love. But along with love, he is apprehensive of his other emerging emotions, such as becoming increasingly jealous of Yukino's friends, her activities, her life without him.

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